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April 2010
'Selected Plays'
published by Lagan Press
The Randy Dandy
The Big Long Bender
The Big Donkey
Me Oul Segocia

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Titanic Centenary
12 April 2012
Epic. Large-Scale. Multi-Role.
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Television Plays
A Headful of Crocodiles
The Sugar Cubes
The Randy Dandy
The Big Donkey
Plain Jane
The Dark-Eyed Charmer
Aunt Suzanne (Adaptation)
Radio Plays
The Randy Dandy
The Big Long Bender
A Headful of Crocodiles
The Well-Armed Man
The Man Who Liked Women
The Far-Off Drum
Autumn Love
Here Be Dragons
The Great Gorilla Scandal
Me Oul Segocia
Reports Are Coming In
Happy Landings, Lover
Last of the Big Spenders
The Slide Rule Engineer

Selected Plays
(Lagan Press)

The Great Marco Scandal
Plays for Reading and Recording
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Stage Plays

The Randy Dandy

Dandy Jordan feels himself drowning.  He and his wife Peggy are sexually compatible but intellectually miles apart.  His mother-in-law detests him as pretentious.  He is the odd man out at a strike.  And there is an attractive welfare worker…  (4m,4f)

The Big Long Bender

Teenagers at the dawn of 'Swinging Britain'.  Carrie and Sandra live a life of drink of promiscuity.  Their third flat mate is about to suffer the consequences.  Naïve Billy falls in love with Carrie.  Marriage is in the air.  But her lifestyle!  Though George tries to help …   (4m,4f)

The Big Donkey

Personal tragedy on unemployment on the Belfast Waterfront.  Joe Maxwell, a decent family man but intellectually limited. His world falls apart as he is laid off.  His reactions are disastrous as he betrays his friend Eddie by stealing his job.  A man acts for the best and destroys all that he loves.  (9m,3f)

Me Oul Segocia

The friendship between protestant Danny and catholic Pat comes under strain as religious divisions tear Belfast apart.  Danny is about to be married while Pat has a pregnant girlfriend.  But not to be!  Innocent lives are shattered by violence.  (4m, 5f)

Draw Poker

Dezy is a dreamer, an aeronautical engineer with a girlfriend bent on marriage.  But his one-legged great-uncle, Walter Blueberry, is a spinner of tales.  Of adventurous days as a cavalryman in the Sudan.  Of the days when men were men!  And Dezy is lured on by the pictures he paints.  The stage is set for a showdown.       (4m,2f)

Football Crazy

A football farce.


Conception, construction and sinking of R. M. S. Titanic.  From the drab industrial city of Belfast emerged the greatest ship of her day.   The Titanic.  Claimed as unsinkable, she foundered on her maiden voyage.    Act One is a tale of pride and achievements.  In Act Two anxious eyes stare at the cruel waters. (Large cast, or multi-role)


Musical biography of 'The Mountains of Mourne' composer.  An expensive education at Dublin's Trinity College frittered away, an engineering future abandoned, as Percy French chooses the life of composer and wandering minstrel. (Large cast, or multi-role)

The Far-Off Drum

A dying teacher re-lives his life.  Outwardly a humdrum existence in which very little happened.  But Sandy Brown has the eyes of a poet.  He sees things very differently.  He sees the world as a marvelous place full of interesting people. 'That life is The Great Game.  The only game there is.  If you’re afraid of losing, then you shouldn’t play.  So dreams of glory!  When you’re in possession!  And flying with the ball!  That brief, sweet, lovely journey as you run hard for the line.'  (8m,4f)  

The Bog Men

Two young terrorists are in charge of a  civil servant of similar age.  But a political kidnapping takes an unusual turn as similarities and differences in their circumstances are revealed.  So alike but yet so far apart.  Young men divided by circumstance.  For all three, things could all have been so very much more different.   .(3m)

The Frosted Rose

A political widow has two suitors:  a political activist and a rhinestone cowboy.  For Nula Dundas life has ended with the murder of her husband.  But she has a persistent suitor from schooldays, now a chilling terrorist apparatchik. Then the Rhinestone Cowboy calls.  And as Nula wakens to romance she  learns more about the terrible circumstances of her husband's murder.(2m,2f)

The Poor Man's Opera

A struggle between two women..  Harry Sherlock lives with his accommodating wife Nellie.  But Nellie's mother poisons her daughter's mind with foolish ideas and so to a tale involving Bouncing Bella, Big Fat Alice and Flash Eddie as the marriage crumbles. (2m, 3f)

A Dream of Soft Pastures

A  smooth talker wreaks havoc in a female household. For all concerned life will never be the same again.  The old unchanging tale of seduction and betrayal.  (1m, 2f)

A Taste of Winter Sun

An elderly man is about to be put into a home.  His charlady becomes a TV personality.  His son is in an unsatisfactory marriage.  A TV newsreader arrives in search of a father whom he has never met, and grieving over his wife, a celebrated TV cook, who has run off with a much younger TV cook.   (3m, 2f)

Stage of Fools

A Diplock Trial is a catalyst for conflict of conscience.  At a tense time in Belfast a judge, and his wife,  a comedian and his partner, and a minister, come to their moments of truth.  A drama about conscience.  (3m, 2f)  

Butterfly Kisses

Three ageing couples at crisis points in their lives.  After a wedding, what should have been a pleasant weekend in the country for three ageing couples becomes a catharsis as truths are revealed.  Two marriages are in trouble, but the third couple face an even bigger challenge.  (3m, 3f) n

Paradise Way

The sleep of rationality bringeth forth monsters.  Belfast in the late sixties at the outbreak of the Troubles.  As law breaks down circumstance makes Newtown Clegg a paramilitary leader.  In the end he pays the price as he loses everything he ever love or valued.  (5m, 5f)

Pilgrims All

Family conflict as a consequence of the Hunger Strike.  Very much against his wishes an ageing man has a son on Hunger Strike.  He watches an age old tale of cynical manipulation as the guilty reap the rewards while the weak and innocent pay the price.(3m, 3f)

The Prime Meridian

Greenwich Observatory prompts a family to review their lives.  The Prime Meridian is the marker from which longitude is measured, so enabling the mariner to know his position on the globe.  A death makes a family members look at how they have travelled and how far they have yet to go on life's journey.(3m, 2f)

Here Be Dragons

A teacher is destroyed by domestic and profession pressures.  Frank James has died in questionable circumstances.  What drove such a fine man to such a sorry pass?  (2m, 2f)

The Slide Rule Engineer

A man coming to terms with a rapidly changing world.  The slide rule was once a splendid tool enabling all sorts of splendid engineering feats.  The man who could use a slide rule had a place in the great scheme of things.  But in a changing world, where a cheap calculator can do the work even better?  The rise and fall of the slide rule mirrors a rapidly changing world.  (Large cast, or (1m, 1f))

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